It was truly a pleasure to work with Casey Dalton, Corps De Ballet member of Colorado Ballet.  She is the embodiment of  beauty, grace, agility and professionalism. Casey hired me to shoot some current images for her portfolio. She found a great background (the white brick wall) in one of the studios at Colorado Ballet. It was the perfect backdrop for her 3 costume choices and her lovely dark hair and eyes. Every pose she struck was stunning and, with what appeared to be minimal effort, she tweaked each one to perfection. In fact, because of Casey’s consistent perfection and professionalism we flew (well actually, she “flew” and I clicked) through  the 1 hour session amassing a ton of great shots.




_D7A9717-2   _D7A9748

_D7A9688-V   _D7A9778-2

National Western Stock Show

It’s really important for photographers to make time for personal projects.  It expands us, inspires us and ignites us. Sometimes I like to join  other like-minded souls who share the same passion as I do. This past weekend I joined Front Range Photography Group on their field trip to the National Western Stock Show. I had heard of this show in past  but never really had an interest in anything “cowboy.” But with my recent foray into the world of country western dancing and the culture it embraces I now had a vested interest in the cowboy scene. It turned out to be a wonderful day with some wonderful people. It’s great that life gives you more than 1 chance to try something.








_D7A9949 Mexican-Rodeo

Is It Really That Time Again?

It sneaks up pretty fast on us. It’s only moments after the holiday season ends that the audition season begins!  Students and pros alike need to update their head shots and (if they are dancers) their dance shots for upcoming 2015 auditions. I’ve been doing private sessions in my studio for the last 2 weeks and will also be going into schools and companies to photograph the many young, talented and aspiring dancers in the area. It’s a great way for me to start the New Year. I draw such inspiration and hope from these very  talented artists and feel so privileged to be part of their dreams and goals. As we say in the business – “Merde!” – and may all your dreams come true!

Dayne Collins, age 11

Dayne Collins, age 11

New Product!

This is a unique, new product I am offering to my customers . You’ll love this intricately fashioned, wood frame/ornament with 2 of your dancer’s favorite photos on it.   It is a keepsake you’ll cherish always. It comes with a woven string if you want to hang it.  Printed on Epson, archival paper and coated with crystal clear, acrylic, satin finish. Images are 1.75 x 2.75. Frame  is approximately 5″ x 3.5″. Comes gift wrapped in translucent red, cellophane bag and ribbon. If you happen to already own a digital image purchased from me then it’s easy to order and is only $15 (plus sales tax and $3.00 shipping).



$15 – retouching (if requested)

$3.00 – shipping










The Family That Almost Got Away!

I don’t often goof up with scheduling but this was one of those major mind erase moments. Michelle (Mom) and I had been in touch over the last several weeks trying to coordinate a mutually convenient time to take her family’s portrait. We were going back and forth and then finally came up with a date. But the night before the shoot Michelle had to cancel because 2 out of the 4 family members were sick. So we re-scheduled for the following weekend. In my mind I was all set for the Sunday of the following weekend. Great. Nothing doing that day. Had all the time in the world to clean and set up the studio and photograph Michelle’s family. But, when the family unexpectedly showed up on Saturday I realized I committed a major faux pax. I was just about to jump into the shower and then drive my daughter to her ballet performance when I saw them approaching the front door. Michelle’s family had made a special trip to Denver, were all dressed to the nines, and Michelle had just gotten her hair done.  What to do, what to do. The shower would have to wait.  I was a  little embarrassed to say the least but they were so gracious and accommodating. Which was good because I felt frazzled enough as it was. They patiently waited as I set up the studio lights, metered the lighting and arranged the shooting area. I was able to get in about 15 minutes of shooting before I was interrupted by my daughter to take her to her performance. Luckily, they were rehearsing for an hour or so before the performance and then they had to change and do make-up. So I had about an hour and a half between the time I dropped my daughter off and the time the performance started (which I really did not want to miss). Never mind planning to photograph the rehearsal. That wasn’t going to happen at this point. My first commitment was to the family. I quickly dashed out and drove my daughter to Colorado Ballet while the family went to the local coffee shop to kill some time (and eat sugary cookies which really was not a good idea). We reconvened about 30 minutes later and, thanks to their enduring patience and good natured-ness, were able to get some really nice shots. Not everything goes smoothly in this business – in fact, rarely does! Taking things in stride, thinking on your feet, remaining calm and optimistic, and being flexible are all important to your success in this line of work (and in life, for that matter!)







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