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Digital Photography Classes

Photography Classes – Back by popular demand!

New session starting this fall.

Every Monday (except Sept. 26) for 8 weeks.

Starting September 12

Last Class on November 7 

from 7:00pm – 8:30 pm @ Sue Daniels Photography

This course is for anyone who finally wants to get out of automatic mode, take better photos and become more creative with their photography.

No fluff. Get in to the nitty gritty and really, really learn your camera.

Day 1 – DSLR Camera Anatomy
Day 2 – Basic Settings, Lenses
Day 3 – Aperture and Depth of Field
Day 4 – Shutter Speed and ISO
Day 5 – The “Exposure Triangle”, Exposure Compensation, Manuel Exposure
Day 6 – Metering and Focusing
Day 7 – Halloween Photo Shoot!
Day 8 – Photo Critique, Image Editing and Retouching Basics in Photoshop

Class size limited to 12.

To sign up:



Senior Photos…

… are not just for high school seniors. College grads love to do photos too. Not only to commemorate their rite of passage but also to provide them with high quality, professional images that they can use on their social media networks.  One of the best ways to locate the ideal job is to stay active online. You always want to put your best foot forward (in this case, your best headshot) when reaching out to employers and new clients.

In this session, both Lauren and Dakota are recent college graduates. Lauren is a dancer and Dakota a video game developer. They also happen to be boyfriend/girlfriend.

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Alex and Zack

This past weekend I had the honor and privilege of photographing Alex and Zack’s wedding. They are a very sweet couple whose deep love, commitment, and compassion for each other was truly touching and expressed so beautifully throughout the day. I wish you both much joy and happiness!







2 Girls, A Guy and a Motorcycle

Once upon a time there was a young lady named Chloe …_D7A5395


Who lived in a small, dirty and dusty town called Nowheresville. She was very sad …



Until one day ….



She met the man of her dreams. His named was Barrett.



And she fell madly in love with him. They did everything together and went everywhere together…



And she was happy… cause she loved Barrett and his motorcycle.



Chloe was so happy that she couldn’t wait to tell her dear friend Endura…



Endura and Chloe liked to hang out on Barret’s motorcycle a lot…



Finally, Barrett and Chloe decided to get married. Endura was the maid of honor.



Right before the ceremony Chloe found out that Barrett had been unfaithful. With who of all people???



Thats right! Endura!!



Chloe was devastated!



The wedding was off! The friendship over!!



And off Chloe went to find fame, fortune and love in the big city. And she lived happily ever after.



The End








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