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Take a look inside my studio during one of my photo sessions.

Peter and Jenn

I like this shot. It shows what it’s like to shoot in a studio. Of course, the subjects will be “selected” off the white background (in Photoshop) and added to a more interesting background. You would never know it was taken in the studio. The actual photo shoot is just one of the many steps that go into producing a compelling image.


Halloween In The Hood

The 2016 Highland Haunt was great fun. Beautiful weather, adorable kids and 2 great assistants (Andrea and Tricia) couldn’t have made for a better day. Picture taking was non-stop but everything went smoothly. We set up a tent which, unexpectedly, acted like a big soft box on 3 sides and gave us beautiful light. And, since we had no electricity, we used a speed light off to one side.  You can check out all the pictures from the day at



Tricia setting up the background inside our tent



Andrea signing up customers



Sue and mom helping to get the kids nice and comfy.





Me and my right hand. We’ve been through thick and thin.


And below are some of the kids and families. You can find all the photos on 



















Product Shoot – AcroOptics, LLC

You might think a product shoot of electronic equipment is boring but I actually enjoy this kind of work. First, there is no stress really – the subject stays still, you don’t need to evoke any emotions  and you can actually have some fun with experimenting with the geometry of the item and different lighting. AcroOptics, LLC engaged me to shoot their new LED aquarium lights. I liked the challenge of having to capture the colored lights while, at the same time, exposing for the white background. Sometimes I just made the creative decision to let the background go dark. Here are some behind the scenes shots and the finished product.


_D7A9586 _D7A9590 _D7A9596-2



_D7A9649 _D7A9615



























Team Ballet

“Team Ballet”, the clever term coined by my friend and colleague Ani, met this week in preparation for our next big shoot. Here we are going over the work flow and procedures to make sure everything goes smoothly. We also did quite a bit of brainstorming to improve areas that could be better.  I am forever grateful to these dedicated and multi-talented people recognizing that my success lies, to a great degree, in them.  I have to marvel at the fact that, despite the adversities they have undergone during some of the shoots, they keep coming back. They are incredibly supportive, smart and creative with most of the advancements in the business coming from them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – Andrea (office and sales manager, marketing and advertising) , Amy (sales and graphic designer), Bill (photographer), Steph (sales and photo assistant) and Adriannna (front desk and keeper of calmness).

_D7A9032 _D7A9033 _D7A9036 _D7A9038 WAB_8432

Summer Picnic 2014

I always look forward to our  group of portrait photographers that meet once a month in Boulder.  Being part of this group has been an invaluable experience for I not only get  support, inspiration and education but I have a ton of fun with them. Not everyone can understand the obsessive and consuming nature of photography but these guys sure can and no apologies need be made.  This past meeting marked our 2 year anniversary which we decided to celebrate with a picnic and photo shoot.  The rain had cleared, the models were great, the setting couldn’t be beat and the food was terrific. What more could you ask for?

New Studio for Sue!

My dream come true.  After much planning and work it’s finally here! I love, love, love it. So grateful to my wonderful contractor, Gamiel Luna (LCS Services).


I love the outside too! (hmmm – those doors would make a great backdrop)


All in a beautiful setting with a nice park right down the street (if you prefer outdoor photos).


And not far from some really cool, urban scenes.


New Studio

So excited to finally be underway on the construction of my new photography studio here in Denver. The job is progressing well  and I hope to be up and running by mid-May. It will be fully equipped with professional studio lighting and backdrops. Hope you will come by and check it out.

2014-04-16 17.21.47

2014-04-16 14.58.15

2014-04-16 14.57.31





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