Baby Jackson

Better late than never! Momma was so busy after Jackson was born that she forgot to get his newborn photos done. We did his “newborn” session at 2 months old. Still cute as a button and still has that newborn quality to them.








Halloween In The Hood

The 2016 Highland Haunt was great fun. Beautiful weather, adorable kids and 2 great assistants (Andrea and Tricia) couldn’t have made for a better day. Picture taking was non-stop but everything went smoothly. We set up a tent which, unexpectedly, acted like a big soft box on 3 sides and gave us beautiful light. And, since we had no electricity, we used a speed light off to one side.  You can check out all the pictures from the day at



Tricia setting up the background inside our tent



Andrea signing up customers



Sue and mom helping to get the kids nice and comfy.





Me and my right hand. We’ve been through thick and thin.


And below are some of the kids and families. You can find all the photos on 



















Everyone Is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

Well, at least in Denver, that is. What a wonderful town I live in. I love the diversity. I love that whatever your ethnicity or heritage you can join in and celebrate another’s holiday. That was certainly the case for St. Patrick’s Day. Nearly every one and every business establishment gave a “tip of the hat” in honor of St. Patrick.























21 days

Working with a new born is one of the greatest delights of my job. This little bumpkin was totally adorable. He didn’t want to sleep too much but we did manage to get some peaceful moments.

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Family Time

Something new I tried this year. Family Portrait “mini sessions”. I thought it would be a good way to introduce new customers to my studio and also provide quick and easy sessions for families that want to keep time and cost down. Each session was only 30 minutes long and prices started at $50 for a complete package. It turned out to be a great success  and I hope to be doing another one this coming spring (around Mother’s Day). Everyone loved the new winter background.
















Family Portrait Day

Family Portrait DayNovember 8th is Family Portrait Day at my studio!

When was the last time you had a family portrait taken? With the holidays just around the corner this is the perfect time to gather your family together for an heirloom portrait. Or, you can also just bring the kids in. Schedule your session now to take advantage of my $50 package. For more details and to sign up click on FAMILY PORTRAIT DAY.

mcadoo_023 2

NEW WINTER BACKGROUND!!aspen_samp_5764b185-8bc0-47c2-9354-02e8afe7ca5dSDP_Logo

Sue Daniels Photography


Sweet Little Amelie

Sweet little Amelie. Four days old.









What Have You Been Up To Sue?

Busy, busy busy. Trying to work AND have some summer fun. Hence, the hiatus from blogging. Here’s a glimpse at some of the highlights.















The Family That Almost Got Away!

I don’t often goof up with scheduling but this was one of those major mind erase moments. Michelle (Mom) and I had been in touch over the last several weeks trying to coordinate a mutually convenient time to take her family’s portrait. We were going back and forth and then finally came up with a date. But the night before the shoot Michelle had to cancel because 2 out of the 4 family members were sick. So we re-scheduled for the following weekend. In my mind I was all set for the Sunday of the following weekend. Great. Nothing doing that day. Had all the time in the world to clean and set up the studio and photograph Michelle’s family. But, when the family unexpectedly showed up on Saturday I realized I committed a major faux pax. I was just about to jump into the shower and then drive my daughter to her ballet performance when I saw them approaching the front door. Michelle’s family had made a special trip to Denver, were all dressed to the nines, and Michelle had just gotten her hair done.  What to do, what to do. The shower would have to wait.  I was a  little embarrassed to say the least but they were so gracious and accommodating. Which was good because I felt frazzled enough as it was. They patiently waited as I set up the studio lights, metered the lighting and arranged the shooting area. I was able to get in about 15 minutes of shooting before I was interrupted by my daughter to take her to her performance. Luckily, they were rehearsing for an hour or so before the performance and then they had to change and do make-up. So I had about an hour and a half between the time I dropped my daughter off and the time the performance started (which I really did not want to miss). Never mind planning to photograph the rehearsal. That wasn’t going to happen at this point. My first commitment was to the family. I quickly dashed out and drove my daughter to Colorado Ballet while the family went to the local coffee shop to kill some time (and eat sugary cookies which really was not a good idea). We reconvened about 30 minutes later and, thanks to their enduring patience and good natured-ness, were able to get some really nice shots. Not everything goes smoothly in this business – in fact, rarely does! Taking things in stride, thinking on your feet, remaining calm and optimistic, and being flexible are all important to your success in this line of work (and in life, for that matter!)







Are You Really Going To Look at Those Digital Files?


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