Moonlight Euphoria

Last night was a spectacular lunar eclipse. It’s something I very much like to witness but not necessarily feel compelled to shoot. Unless… there’s an interesting twist to it. And there was.  How awesome would it be to shoot the eclipse in a cemetery! Not your run of the mill, every day photo shoot I might add. But, for me, that’s more interesting (and far more within the limitations of my equipment) than just shooting the eclipse itself.













What Have You Been Up To Sue?

Busy, busy busy. Trying to work AND have some summer fun. Hence, the hiatus from blogging. Here’s a glimpse at some of the highlights.















What Is Your Zombie Face?

The theme? Gruesome, bloody, scary. The event? Denver’s Zombie Crawl 2014.   This was a photographer’s field day.  Not only because of the amazing faces but because EVERYONE that I aimed the camera at was into posing for the camera. Talk about getting into the spirit of Halloween! Some of the make-up and costumes were incredibly creative. Some  too disgusting to post. I tried to pick some that were not too offensive.

DD7A9260 DD7A9498 DD7A9487 DD7A9478 DD7A9476 DD7A9469 DD7A9454 DD7A9440 DD7A9425-2 DD7A9415 DD7A9395 DD7A9385 DD7A9383 DD7A9382 DD7A9371 DD7A9369-2 DD7A9368 DD7A9355 DD7A9345 DD7A9343 DD7A9342 DD7A9341 DD7A9336 DD7A9327 DD7A9325 DD7A9317 DD7A9316 DD7A9243 DD7A9544 DD7A9534 DD7A9517 DD7A9308-2 DD7A9302 DD7A9301 DD7A9281 DD7A9279 DD7A9278 DD7A9268


Sue Daniels Photography

How exciting! My new website is under construction. In the meantime, I will keep you posted on the latest images and events.  Feel free to check back often.


Time To Play

I am always happy when this time of year rolls around. I find I have a little more time to spiffy up my business, explore the latest equipment and “play”. Granted, my idea of play is probably not what others would consider so. Most people I know take to the ski slopes, head off to tropical resorts or hang out at the local bar. But I love to play in Photoshop. It’s just amazing what you can come up with given a little time and experimentation. And its good for the soul. Here’s a montage I just worked on today from a recent portrait session with Julie. Fun!


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