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I like this shot. It shows what it’s like to shoot in a studio. Of course, the subjects will be “selected” off the white background (in Photoshop) and added to a more interesting background. You would never know it was taken in the studio. The actual photo shoot is just one of the many steps that go into producing a compelling image.


Welcome 2017!


Leap, Jump, Dance!

Some images from a recent photo shoot at Production Company Dance Centre, Longmont. Want to be a great dance photographer? Dance. It takes one to know one.











The subject of this post (in case you’re not familiar with the title’s acronyms)  is Boulder Portrait Photographers  at Doors Open Denver. Doors Open Denver occurs every year in April. It is a free two-day event that invites you to seek out the architecture of Denver’s most interesting buildings, take special guided tours, bike to historic places or walk through several neighborhoods.  The self-guided tours are free thanks to the the Denver Architectural Foundation, and their many sponsors and friends. Eight of us from BPP (plus our 2 models) meet at  the beautifully remodeled Union Station on Sunday, April 26 to take in the Denver architectural sites and add some environmental portraiture to our portfolios. Despite the almost non-stop rain we visited several buildings, put a lot of our equipment (cameras, lens, reflectors, strobes) to good use, and captured some lovely images of our 2 models. It was a day well spent and I applaud everyone in the group for staying in such good spirits despite the obstacles we faced such as the rain, the crowds and (haha) the security guards. It was lovely spending the day with all of you!



















Audition Photos

Audition season is coming to an end – I do hope everyone gets in to the school/company/summer intensive of their dreams. It was so wonderful being part of the process and working with these incredibly talented individuals.

Adution Collage



It was truly a pleasure to work with Casey Dalton, Corps De Ballet member of Colorado Ballet.  She is the embodiment of  beauty, grace, agility and professionalism. Casey hired me to shoot some current images for her portfolio. She found a great background (the white brick wall) in one of the studios at Colorado Ballet. It was the perfect backdrop for her 3 costume choices and her lovely dark hair and eyes. Every pose she struck was stunning and, with what appeared to be minimal effort, she tweaked each one to perfection. In fact, because of Casey’s consistent perfection and professionalism we flew (well actually, she “flew” and I clicked) through  the 1 hour session amassing a ton of great shots.




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_D7A9688-V   _D7A9778-2

Is It Really That Time Again?

It sneaks up pretty fast on us. It’s only moments after the holiday season ends that the audition season begins!  Students and pros alike need to update their head shots and (if they are dancers) their dance shots for upcoming 2015 auditions. I’ve been doing private sessions in my studio for the last 2 weeks and will also be going into schools and companies to photograph the many young, talented and aspiring dancers in the area. It’s a great way for me to start the New Year. I draw such inspiration and hope from these very  talented artists and feel so privileged to be part of their dreams and goals. As we say in the business – “Merde!” – and may all your dreams come true!

Dayne Collins, age 11

Dayne Collins, age 11

Nutcracker Portraits 2014


Summer Intensive

Starting in January of each year, the intermediate and advanced level dance students of  ballet schools are already excited about and planning for summer intensive programs.  These are programs run by large and usually fairly prestigious ballet companies and conservatories around the country. Admission into these summer intensive programs is by audition only. Summer Intensives provide a wonderful opportunity for the young, fairly serious dancer to train with new and often very experienced teachers,  explore a new location and make new friends.

Here are some shots taken during Colorado Ballet Summer Intensive’s culmination performance in July 2014.











Colorado Ballet Academy Photos

This was SDP’s first first year photographing Colorado Ballet Academy. First time jobs are always the toughest – you don’t know the location, customers and flow quite as well as you do with a school you’ve photographed before.  We went in with a staff of 9 (3 photographers, 1 poser, 4 sales people and 1 computer tech.) I’d love to say it went smooth as butter but actually there were some glitches and “unanticipated moments”.  All in all though, we ended up getting some pretty nice images of the students (about 100 students opted to get their portraits taken) and we sure did learn a lot for next time. In fact, this has spurred us to re-examine our work flow, efficiency and customer service and we’ve been brain-storming some new and exciting techniques.  But, as is our policy, no sacrifices will be made to compromise the quality of the images and the comfort of the child.


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