Halloween In The Hood

The 2016 Highland Haunt was great fun. Beautiful weather, adorable kids and 2 great assistants (Andrea and Tricia) couldn’t have made for a better day. Picture taking was non-stop but everything went smoothly. We set up a tent which, unexpectedly, acted like a big soft box on 3 sides and gave us beautiful light. And, since we had no electricity, we used a speed light off to one side.  You can check out all the pictures from the day at



Tricia setting up the background inside our tent



Andrea signing up customers



Sue and mom helping to get the kids nice and comfy.





Me and my right hand. We’ve been through thick and thin.


And below are some of the kids and families. You can find all the photos on 



















Everyone Is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

Well, at least in Denver, that is. What a wonderful town I live in. I love the diversity. I love that whatever your ethnicity or heritage you can join in and celebrate another’s holiday. That was certainly the case for St. Patrick’s Day. Nearly every one and every business establishment gave a “tip of the hat” in honor of St. Patrick.























Nutcracker Portraits 2014


Halloween Special

3 extra-large bags of candy, 6 carved pumpkins, 1 spider web, , 1 creepy skeleton face, many orange lights and other miscellaneous decorations. I’m ready for Halloween. And in the spirit of the  holiday I’m offering a 50% discount on my session fee from now until November 15. Perfect time for a family portrait and just in time for holiday gift giving. Come on in – you’ll be safe from the witches and goblins here!







What Is Your Zombie Face?

The theme? Gruesome, bloody, scary. The event? Denver’s Zombie Crawl 2014.   This was a photographer’s field day.  Not only because of the amazing faces but because EVERYONE that I aimed the camera at was into posing for the camera. Talk about getting into the spirit of Halloween! Some of the make-up and costumes were incredibly creative. Some  too disgusting to post. I tried to pick some that were not too offensive.

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