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The Broadmoor

I don’t often get time to spend time alone with my  daughter. Between her pre-professional ballet program and online high school curriculum she is pretty much “booked” all the time. Our day to day communication is usually of a logistical nature: “I’ll be at the bus stop at 5:00.Can you pick me up?”, “Where are my clean tights?”, ” Will you be home in time for dinner or should I plan on just warming it up?”, and so on.  I decided that over Thanksgiving break we would try to slow down just a bit and have some quality girl time together. That meant getting away from the usual routine. So off we went to the ultra luxurious  Broadmoor Hotel. We had fun posing and taking pictures of each other, staying up late watching movies, indulging in ice cream Sundays, coffee and pastries, shopping and just laying back. I love my daughter very much. She is a great daughter, a beautiful person and a loyal, trustworthy friend.




















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Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater

My love and fascination of all things Celtic just doesn’t make sense for a nice, Jewish girl from The Bronx.  Perhaps  I was an Irish Lass in one of my past lives. Or maybe its the jovial nature and catchy tunes.  But I do truly adore Celtic music and, probably from that, all things Celtic. When I found out that the Edgewater  Celtic Harvest Festival was just minutes from my new home in Denver I couldn’t wait to attend and, in fact, I went both festival days. Truly a great experience and here are the pictures to prove it!




Wick School of Irish Dancing


Wick School of Irish Dancing


Wick School of Irish Dancing


Wick School of Irish Dancing


Sheep Herding Demonstration


Wick School of Irish Dancing


Irish Lassies


 Celtic Design Reflection (seen only after a glass of Irish Whiskey)


sharing the joy


Stubby Shillelaghs


Stubby Shillelaghs

New Studio

So excited to finally be underway on the construction of my new photography studio here in Denver. The job is progressing well  and I hope to be up and running by mid-May. It will be fully equipped with professional studio lighting and backdrops. Hope you will come by and check it out.

2014-04-16 17.21.47

2014-04-16 14.58.15

2014-04-16 14.57.31





Oh my. I have let the ball drop as far as my blog goes. Too much on my plate the last few months. I know – excuses, excuses. But I have a really good one. I just moved from Nederland (after living there almost 20 years) to Denver this past November. What with house hunting, packing, moving and unpacking  I had to put some things aside and my blog was one of them. But now the dust has settled (and been removed because of my relentless nesting activities) and I’m starting to feel more normal again. So, in case you are wondering, here is a photo of my new house.

Sue's House

Sue’s House

Oh, and I did celebrate another birthday in December and decided to do what I love doing most on my birthday.

DSC00047 DSC00043 DSC00023 DSC00025 DSC00014 DSC00009 DSC00013

Can’t really tell from the photos but I got to dance the night away!

The Flood

Well, this has been quite a week. I saw it happening on Facebook and on the news but I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Up here secluded in Ned it looked like it was just raining a lot.  Nothing out of the ordinary happening – you know, our usual power outages, cabin fever, roads rutting out. But down in Boulder a full fledged natural disaster was unfolding.  What the heck was happening? We (us mountain people) were usually the ones who got zonked by Mother Nature. Now we were actually watching it happen to our friends and neighbors down the hill.  And we couldn’t even lend a helping hand being trapped up here with virtually no escape because the canyon road was indefinitely closed. You think you have everything all planned out and then, pow, out of the blue something happens to shake your whole world. And you wonder – were all those little things I thought so important really that important?

Sue Daniels Photography

Don’t be left behind. New website under development. _66X1203

Ballet in Bloomington

I just got back from visiting my son in Bloomington, Indiana. He is a senior in The Jacob’s School of Music at IU and has been studying ballet there the last 4 years. He will be graduating soon and so this last performance was very special to me. I was incredibly proud of my son who persevered the ups and downs of the last 4 years to get to this point. I was incredibly happy to see him up there smiling and enjoying himself. I was also proud of all the other seniors that had started out with my son as freshmen and reached this level of accomplishment. I think a number of us parents feel this way – a sort of sentimental/surrogate attachment to all the children that made the same journey at the same time as our own child. OK – so without getting to sappy (I’m saving that for graduation) here are some of the moments from my trip.

Summer. Finally!

It seemed like the school year was never going to end.   And what a hectic time of year May was with all the graduations and end of year recitals.  It’s so nice to have summertime upon us. For me it means more free time, more outdoor time and more day light. And especially more free time since Zoe, my daughter, is spending 5 weeks at Miami City Ballet Summer Intensive and Jacob, my son, is in Indiana performing in Damn Yankees.

Zoe Taylor

OK – so its been 4 days since Zoe left. So far so good (for both of us).  I’m trying to finish up 3 dance schools’ end-of-year recital portraits, a Bat Mitzvah order, a Boudior order and a few miscellaneous other tasks so that I can free up for high school senior portrait sessions and some booked weddings. And maybe some vacation time (fingers crossed) and a trip to New Mexico to work on some new lighting techniques. I love summer.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

What do you get when you have 5 teenage girls at a sleep-over? Well, apparently, I get to do a photo shoot.  These are my daughter’s “ballerina” friends letting down their hair (literally!) Who said bun heads didn’t know how to have fun!

WPPI Day 1

Looking out my window in the MGM Grand, I have a perfect view of  “Hooters.” OK – so not exactly my style but hey, I’m not here for the scenery or the night life. (I know, live it up Sue).  I just sat in on WPPI’s (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) premier print competition. Fascinating. I love hearing the judges’ (5 of them) critiques. It goes on for 8 hours a day for 2 solid days. Of course, most people don’t sit in on the entire judging process. But I like to spend a couple of hours there as it is extremely interesting and educational. You will hear everything that is “right” about a photograph and everything that is “wrong” (at least in these people’s opinions.) I must say, I was usually on target with my own personal judging although, every once in awhile, I totally disagreed with the consensus.

So, I should probably go and put a few nickels int the slots. And then on to a  fun and fast-paced event where both experienced and up-and-coming photographers demonstrate cool techniques, trends, ideas and inspiration in 5-minute presentations.

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