What Have You Been Up To Sue?

Busy, busy busy. Trying to work AND have some summer fun. Hence, the hiatus from blogging. Here’s a glimpse at some of the highlights.
















The subject of this post (in case you’re not familiar with the title’s acronyms)  is Boulder Portrait Photographers  at Doors Open Denver. Doors Open Denver occurs every year in April. It is a free two-day event that invites you to seek out the architecture of Denver’s most interesting buildings, take special guided tours, bike to historic places or walk through several neighborhoods.  The self-guided tours are free thanks to the the Denver Architectural Foundation, and their many sponsors and friends. Eight of us from BPP (plus our 2 models) meet at  the beautifully remodeled Union Station on Sunday, April 26 to take in the Denver architectural sites and add some environmental portraiture to our portfolios. Despite the almost non-stop rain we visited several buildings, put a lot of our equipment (cameras, lens, reflectors, strobes) to good use, and captured some lovely images of our 2 models. It was a day well spent and I applaud everyone in the group for staying in such good spirits despite the obstacles we faced such as the rain, the crowds and (haha) the security guards. It was lovely spending the day with all of you!



















National Western Stock Show

It’s really important for photographers to make time for personal projects.  It expands us, inspires us and ignites us. Sometimes I like to join  other like-minded souls who share the same passion as I do. This past weekend I joined Front Range Photography Group on their field trip to the National Western Stock Show. I had heard of this show in past  but never really had an interest in anything “cowboy.” But with my recent foray into the world of country western dancing and the culture it embraces I now had a vested interest in the cowboy scene. It turned out to be a wonderful day with some wonderful people. It’s great that life gives you more than 1 chance to try something.








_D7A9949 Mexican-Rodeo


Meredith used to live down the street from me. She was only 5 or 6 years old when she first moved into “the neighborhood.” A very sweet and pretty little girl I remember seeing her playing with the other kids. Her family moved down to Boulder a few years ago and I haven’t seen her since. Except today when I took her senior portraits. I couldn’t believe all that time had passed and she was already graduating from high school. And, she reminded me, how much the kids liked playing on “Jacob’s Rock” (named after my son Jacob). I had almost forgotten about that. It was nice to reconnect to all those memories.

Joy Ride

Cabin Fever! I’ve been home with a sick child for the past 6 days. She finally returned to school today. Meanwhile, I have a ton of work to catch up with. My plan for today was to quickly run up to the dump and drop off  my recyclables and then get back to work.  Well, once I was on Ridge Road and realized I had left my camera in the car from a few days ago I couldn’t resist taking a “short trip” up the Peak to Peak. It was such a gorgeous fall day. I’ll tell you – it sure was hard to turn around and go back home and my short excursion turned into a wonderful leaf peeping photo shoot!

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