A lot of photographers don’t like to do formal portraiture.  Think – “stiff, boring.” And, they may feel uncomfortable with or are not knowledgeable about posing and lighting large groups. I must admit – it’s hard. For me, it’s the most challenging of any photography I do. Imagine trying to capture everyone in the  group with a pleasant and relaxed expression, eyes open and all looking at the camera.   And, it certainly challenges my interpersonal skills. I am not going to get a good picture unless the group likes me, feels comfortable with me and I make them laugh.  But formal portraiture does have an important place in photography – especially when it comes to documenting an important occasion or preserving a family’s history. Despite the challenges, I consider it an essential part of my work.

Here are some formals I recently did for a 3 generation family on the 50th wedding anniversary of the parents (grandparents). What a great milestone to acknowledge and celebrate!

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

OK – I know this is a little late. But I just sent these pics to my cousin on Long Island and so I thought I would add them to my blog as well. We visited my cousin Rochelle and her (very shy and inhibited) husband Bernie in August 2011. My favorite part of the vacation was going to Jones Beach (of which I got no pictures at all!). We also spent a day in Manhattan, checked out some graffiti in Brooklyn, had Chinese food in Queens and a big family dinner at Rochelle’s house where I got to visit with some of my long-lost relatives.

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