Sweet Senior!

I’ve been taking Paige’s audition photos for the last 3 years and so I was very happy when mom contacted me to do her senior portraits. Paige is one of those dancers who dances from the heart. You know – it’s not just all about technique. When she moves she is expressing herself. As is almost always the case, we were both feeling a little shy at the beginning of the session but then, as we both warmed up, great things began to happen!







Senior Photos…

… are not just for high school seniors. College grads love to do photos too. Not only to commemorate their rite of passage but also to provide them with high quality, professional images that they can use on their social media networks.  One of the best ways to locate the ideal job is to stay active online. You always want to put your best foot forward (in this case, your best headshot) when reaching out to employers and new clients.

In this session, both Lauren and Dakota are recent college graduates. Lauren is a dancer and Dakota a video game developer. They also happen to be boyfriend/girlfriend.

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(Senior) Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Don’t They?

Yeah – why not. These shots are fun – a little different and when else are you gonna be in such great shape! Think about adding these in you senior portrait session. These are studio shots but you can also do them outside in the Denver/Boulder area. There are lots of cool locations – even some right behind my studio.

High School Senior

High School Senior


Senior Photography

Denver and Boulder, Colorado

Be bold, be brave be you!

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Senior Snow Day

Not too many high school seniors consider taking their Senior Portraits during a snow storm. But for Zoe, whose daily schedule is unusually busy, this was one of the few times she had available. Denver School District closed all schools during last Wednesday’s snow storm. So why not take advantage of this opportunity. It made for some really lovely and unique images. So –  just goes to show you – you don’t always need perfect weather for a photo session. And, sometimes, the not so perfect weather adds just the right amount of drama and mood to make your pictures one-of-a-kind.


My Seniors

Lots of High School Senior Portraits this year. I am so impressed with the young adults I’ve been working with. Smart, determined, resourceful and respectful, they lift my hopes for the future. Here’s wishing you a lifetime of success!












Seniors 2016

It’s never too early to prepare for  Senior Portrait season. Senior Portraits can be taken as early as the summer before your senior year. In fact, that’s probably the best time to do them. The long, warm and sunny days of summer with no demands from school make it an ideal time to capture and savor these last few moments of adolescence. It’s also a great time for me – in fact so much so that I can offer my clients 20% off  my normal prices during the months of June and July. Just mention you read this on my blog and the discount is yours on EVERYTHING I offer.

Senior Letter Pricing Gallery

Josh’s Senior Portraits

Great kid! Great job!

Josh is mature beyond his years, kind, uber smart, multi-talented and good looking to boot.







My Seniors

Having a great time with my seniors.  Each one is so their own person. Fine young men and women.








Shots From The Studio

So, I thought I would share a few shots that were done in my new studio. First, there is a brother and sister who have been taking their photographs with me for years. Their dad is no slouch as a photographer so I am very honored that they come to me for, what has become, an annual ritual. As you can see, we used 2 different backgrounds. My favorite is  the white background but a close runner up is gray.







The next session was of Casey, a high school senior with aspirations of becoming an actor. Casey wanted lots of variety. She wanted to show the many sides of herself,  her versatility in theater and she wanted the images to “pop”. Her plan was to use the photos not only as senior portraits but also as part of her application for college theater programs. Here’s a small sample of what we captured – again against a white background.




This following session was of a darling 8 month old little girl and her parents. The white background was a no brainer because it just goes best with babies. When she’s a little older we could try my hot pink background or “fantasy” background.

I’m so loving working in this beautiful, well lit and comfortable space. My clients have all been impressed with the space and very pleased with the images I capture in it.






Never heard of it? Don’t worry. You can only catch it if your are a Senior in High School. Actually, it’s still a bit early in the season for senioritis. No slouching off just yet. There’s college apps and essays, last chances to get those S.A.T. scores up, college campus tours and senior portraits. Here are a few of “my” seniors for this school year. I love how they are all so different.







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