“WOW!! I only got a chance to look through the pics quickly, but some of them are real pieces of Art. I love them!!! GREAT WORK!!!!! Thanks!!” — Michael Duran, Director, Boulder’s Dinner Theatre

“Sue, you rock!  I give to the world a temporary fix….you give the world an image that takes your breath away…..and then grounds you suddenly!” — Mary C.

“Sue, You are amazing.  These are the work of a true artist.  I love them all, and am very excited to pass you along to as many people as I can! — Thea P.

“You are the Degas of the camera!”  — Carol V.

“They are beautiful! WOW” — Susana V.

“Sue!!!!!! These are AMAZING !!!  I’m really speechless. They are fantastic.”  — Steve B.

…”your work is fresh without being different for the sake of difference…. you like people and it shows.”  — Brad D.

“Your patience and your gentle, caring, fun personality was enjoyed by all the Smiths.” — Anne S.

“Your photos are fantastic!”— Peter Davison, Artistic Director, Boulder Ballet


“Dear Sue;
Kim and I want to thank you for taking special care with us at Parlando yesterday. I cannot wait to see the pictures! Kim is an amatuer photographer and he was really impressed with your equipment, lighting and technique. When we got into the recital he asked me to go get you to take live action shots of the kids during the recital! I have never seen him so excited. … We look forward to the photos. Kim is nervous I will over-order, so please help me have some restraint. Ha! I hope we make this an annual tradition. Thanks again for all your communication and support. Cheers… “ — Molly T.

“Hi Sue, Your beautiful CD for Medal of Honor Rag just arrived.  I can’t thank you enough for the gorgeous photos you provided. You are truly a skilled artist. The CD cover was a completely unexpected and wonderful bonus. You are a rare gem, and I’m grateful to Cris for putting us in touch. ” — Barbara T.

“Dear Sue – First ty for the great pics you have taken of Marcos. I wanted to find out how much it would cost to buy a total of 20 pics. there are so many that are priceless. Actually I wish I could buy them all but I am certain I can afford that. You have captured his soul like nobody ever has before. Thank you again.” — Emilia

“Hey Sue! Just went through all the wedding photos. WOW!!!! They are fabulous…I was particularly impressed by the ones in the church.” — Diane G.

“Hello Sue,
I got the package, thank you so much for those beautiful and professional albums. It was a pleasure to work with you and I will certainly keep you in mind for other pictures in the future. I also like you as a person, we may see each other in one of the parties soon! Take care…” — Elizabeth V.

“Hi Sue, We got the CD tonight – it’s beautiful. Thank you so much for working on it. I feel like I have a treasure, and I am so lucky that you were able to take all those pictures.” — Carol R.

“I hired Sue Daniels to take pictures of my family. I have 3 kids, the youngest is 2. She was very patient with us, my son was not exactly cooperating, but Sue tried and tried until she got the perfect setting and the perfect shots. She took a lot of pictures and spent a lot of time with us and we were very pleased with the results. She made the whole process very stress-free for us. After the shoot, she sent the best pictures electronically, and once we picked out the ones we wanted, we received our pictures shortly. The pictures came out beautifully, we are very pleased with them. I thought she was very professional with very nice equipment that she certainly knew how to use. I highly recommend her for all your photography needs.” — Agnes R.

“Sue, I just wanted to reiterate what a fantastic job you did for us.  This really exceeded my expectations.  It is a lot of work to get shots of the baby, each parent with the baby, and all three of us. I really appreciate how much time you spent with us!… And of course your patience and interaction with Eva. Thanks so much! … If we can be of any help being a reference, we’d be happy to.” — Rea




“Your work is magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You have captured the essence of this production, the emotion put in. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. It really was a sensational production full of fabulous young people. The lights and costuming shows up so brilliantly in your work. I will be sharing your site with my family and friends. Blessings to you…” — Kathy

“I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed all the photos.  I love the way we had both candids and posed pics to choose from.  It made it hard. Thank you once again.  We loved the photos and everyone had a different favorite probably because so many of them came out well.” — Andrea M.

“Dear Sue, We are thrilled with your work on our jewelry and how beautiful everything looks on Cafe. Thank you so much! Your enthusiasm and professionalism and attention to detail are so appreciated.” — Cathy S.

“Your work is stunning.”  — Baine K.

“Your work is exquisite!  I got the chills looking at the photos of Anna. It will be a pleasure painting this photo.” — Marie C.

“These are beautiful!!!thank you, now on to the hard part, deciding which 10 poses we want.”— Natalie G.

“Sue – These are wonderful!!!  So pleased.” — Molly N.

“Sue, Just wanted to say I LOVE the portraits of Eliza you left with Paul last night at the party. Thank you so much!” — Jenny

“Hi Sue! The pictures are beautiful! You are soooo talented! I knew they would be good. Thanks again. I love the pictures. Take care.” — MB

“Hi Sue, I would like to say thank you for the photographs!!  They are wonderful!  The pictures came out so much better than I had hoped they would and I am very,very pleased.  Now I just have to figure out which one to use! Thanks again for all of the time you spent with me and the work it took to give me these great photographs. “ — Jodi M.

I just checked out your website, and it is truly exquisite!  It’s really beautiful, super professional, amazing. ” — Cathy K.

“The pictures of Elissa are gorgeous!” — Ana Claire

“Sue, This photo is fantastic! You caught the leap at the exact right instant.”  — Dick T.



“Thank you, so much, for your generosity and for your talents!  I appreciate you!” — Kate W.

Oh my gosh!!  I LOVE the photos!!!  They are stunning!” — Chandra K.

You are amazing – I really loved them. Odette cried when she saw the pictures of her dad (happy tears). Thank you so much.” — Liz E.

“You ROCK!!! A million thanks.” — Julie I.

“Dear Sue, Wow! These pictures are amazing! What a nice treat
to wake up to! Thank you very… VERY MUCH! You are certainly a PRO!” — Brasilia K.

“Thank you so much for getting them to us for Christmas. They are wonderful photos…you are amazing!” — Catherine B.

“Hey Sue, I checked out the photos – they are BEAUTIFUL! you are amazing – SO TALENTED! Thank you sooo much for working with me…” — Carmen S.

“Your passion and love for art is such a beautiful thing it takes my heart to a better place.”  — Hiromi L

“Just finished going through the wedding photos. Absolutely stunning! You seem to have caught everything at the perfect moment. Thank you so much! Blown away!” — Evie W.

“Oh my gosh! These are just beautiful! And I love some of the softening and effects you have done.”    — Jeane W.

We were delighted with the final product(s), you captured Rosie’s sweet innocence. Simply fabulous.   — Lillian W.
“Sue, I just wanted to say thanks and that I really enjoyed your class. I feel like I finally know how to use my digital SLR and it was a great refresher of many things I had forgotten. I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to have a nice camera but for so many years feel like an idiot trying to do so many basic things that were second nature with my old film camera :)


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