Capturing the dancer in motion is a skill as well as an art. Dance Photography is exciting but extremely challenging. When shooting performances and dress rehearsals you must be unobtrusive and stay out of the way. You cannot use any strobes or flashes and you must know your equipment inside and out in order to quickly obtain the best balance between exposure and sharpness.  You must have a close and trusting relationship with the company director. It’s not just anyone who is allowed to photograph their prized, often original, and copyrighted work. You must know what is technically correct and what is considered good form.  And you must  forever be aware that you are capturing performing artists who, by the very nature of their trade, are highly critical of their images. The final images must be perfect.  Hundreds of thousands of people will see them. They will be plastered on bill boards, magazine pages, websites and posters.

I have been a dance photographer for over 15 years. Being a dancer myself I know how and when to capture that split second of perfection. I know how to use the drama of lighting and the emotion of the performer to give my images impact. I know what is technically correct and aesthetically pleasing.  I can lay claim to these achievements – my dance images have won numerous awards, have appeared in dance magazines around the country and are used by numerous dance and theater companies nationally as well as in Boulder and Denver, Colorado.  You can contact me at 303-250-2644 or


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