More Cats

This time they are the real thing. My daughter and I happened upon a new store on Tennyson St. in Denver called “Denver Cat Company.” We were on our way to dinner when we passed the store and my daughter said “Look – there are cats in there. Can we go in?” I thought she meant  there were 1 or 2 cats or maybe even toy cats. But, after we entered and passed through a security gate we actually found 8 cats sitting, snoozing, playing and socializing with each other and humans. What did we walk into? Actually, we entered Denver’s first official Cat Cafe. As per Denver Cat Company’s website a Cat Cafe “…features cats in residence, with visitors purchasing entry passes, usually for an hour, to enjoy the privilege of hanging out with the café cats.  Beverages and snacks are also often on the menu, but there are no hard and fast rules besides the mission to provide kitty companionship to cat lovers.” The best part? If you fall in love with one of the kitties here they are all adoptable!







“No, you can’t have a sip” – Click on image to enlarge