Basic retouching is done on all ordered images (whether prints or digital files) and is included in the price.  The retouching that is included in the price includes:


color and tone adjustment

exposure adjustment

contrast adjustment

sharpening of image

removal of small dust and stains on clothing

removal of skin blemishes, cuts, scars (note – moderate to sever acne may incur additional retouching fees)

removal of wisps of hair NOT on face

some smoothing of skin

teeth whitening

increased clarity and accentuation of eyes, cleaning up whites of eyes

removal of camera sensor dust


Retouching that incurs an extra charge includes:

removal of braces

removal of clothing wrinkles, creases and bulges

removal of hair on face

removal of eye glass glare

removal of skin shine

removal of fly away hair on face

smoothing of skin because of severe acne

removal of tattoos

opening eyes

widening eyes

head swapping

cropping out extra people in image


Blurriness and out-of-focus images cannot be corrected.


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